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  • Ireland is located in the north‐west of Europe.

  • Politically, Ireland is divided between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom.

  • Capital of Ireland is Dublin. Cork, Galway, Maynooth & Limerick are some of the popular cities of Ireland.

  • Official language of Ireland is Irish and English.

  • Population of Ireland is approximately 49 Lakhs and the Urban population of Dublin is approximately 14 Lakhs.

  • Currency of Ireland is Euro €

  • Flight duration from Mumbai/Delhi to Dublin: 12 hrs. 30 mins.


  • A friendly, safe country.

  • English speaking country.

  • World class Universities.

  • Low cost of tuition fees & accommodation.

  • Internationally recognized qualifications & extensive choice of courses.

  • European Headquarters of many IT & Pharmaceutical companies.

  • Master’s degree of 1 year.

  • Post study work visa of 2 years for Masters.

  • Post study work visa of 1 year for Bachelors (Hons).

  • Chance to get indefinite right to stay (similar to Permanent Residency).


Trinity College Dublin:

  • 1st ranked in Ireland and 101st in the World

  • World Leader in Nanotechnology, Immunology, Engineering, Information Technology


University College Dublin:

  • 2nd ranked in Ireland and 177th in the World

  • National University of Ireland

  • Largest provider of Graduate Education in Ireland


National University of Ireland Galway:

  • 4th ranked in Ireland and 238th in the World

  • Popular courses: Business Analytics, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Nursing


University College Cork:

  • 3rd ranked in Ireland and 286th in the World

  • Located in Cork‐2 hours from Dublin

  • Cork is Pharmaceutical Capital of Europe


Dublin City University:

  • 6th ranked in Ireland and 439th in the World

  • Irish Centre for Cloud Computing


University of Limerick:

  • 6th ranked in Ireland and between 511‐520 in the World

  • Popular Courses: MSc Aeronautical Engineering, Meng Mechatronics, MSc International Management and Global Business.


Technological University Dublin:

  • 8th ranked in Ireland and between 801‐1000 in the World

  • Popular courses: Computing, Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Development etc.


Maynooth University:

  • 10th ranked in Ireland and 701‐750 in the World

  • Located in Maynooth‐half hour from Dublin

  • Popular Courses: MSc Data Science and Analytics, MSc Business Management, ME Electronic Engineering etc.



Ireland has two major intakes:

  • September (Autumn Intake)

  • January / February (Spring Intake)


Total Cost for 1-year Diploma Program is CAD 25,500/- and for 1-year Degree Program is CAD 30,500/-. The expenses include tuition fees, living expense and vida fee.


Innumerable scholarships and student grants are available for international students in Ireland from various sources such as the Government of Ireland, the Irish Higher Education institutions and other organizations. The government, educational institutions and the organizations set down their own eligibility criteria. Scholarships are awarded for undergraduate, post graduate or research students and for various fields of study.

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